Please note: computer screens do NOT accurately portray the true very bright Speed Sight colors.

We invite you to scroll down and learn more about our front sight colors.

“Did I see my sights during the shoot out? Yes! The Speed Sights were awesome! They are so bright, they are right in your face, right there when you need them.” 
 -Gun fight survivor  Read his report, and others, here.

The Speed Sights have the largest, brightest and sharpest front sight picture, that gives you speed AND accuracy

Our front sights are BRIGHT. Computer screens and cameras can’t capture true Fluorescent colors.

True Fluorescent materials convert invisible light like Ultra Violet to VISIBLE light. So they look unnaturally bright. 

So our Orange Front Sight is just like a Blaze Orange hunting vest.

Our Neon Green is as bright as an industrial safety vest.

Our Neon Pink is also just as bright.

Here is a row of front Speed Sights “on the rack” waiting to ship. 

The Sun, even indirect Sun, during the early morning or dusk, is full of Ultra Violet light.

So whether it’s dawn or dusk or noon, the Speed Sights seem to glow, they “Pop” with brightness. 

“I love the Speed Sights. I’ve got them on all my guns. You don’t have to go looking for them. They are just right there, the diamonds line up for you automatically. I advocate them to all my students.”
   -C.B., Boston, Massachusetts Certified Police Pistol Instructor, NRA Certified civilian pistol instructor.

So Speed Sights give you an ultimate bright and sharp sight picture, in all lighting conditions. 

Scroll down for some examples of what we mean by Fluorescent. 

For our Orange front sight, think of a Blaze Orange safety vest.

Please keep in mind, computer screens do NOT accurately portray a true fluorescent color, especially orange. So remember back to when you have seen a true Blaze Orange color, which will match the Speed Sights.

You can see such examples below.


For our Neon Green sights, think of an industrial safety vest. 

Our Neon Pink is just as bright