What the warranty Covers

Speed Sights night sights and plain sights are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship during normal use. There are no implied warranties. Upon return (prepaid) to Speed Sights, Speed Sights will at its option repair or replace any defective products. Speed Sights shall not be liable for any loss direct, indirect, or consequently arising from your use, or your inability to use, or the postal services inability to deliver any of its products. Speed Sights shall not be liable for damage due to improper use or improper installation by you or your gun smith. Therefore warranty registration must be done before installation. We suggest you check your sights throughly before you register your warranty. You may register via e-mail info@speedsights.com or send the bottom portion of this warranty to

ADE Warranty Dept., 46 Village Way, PMB 164, Port Ludlow WA 98365

All Speed Sights warranties are for the original purchaser only

Speed Sights warranty is not transferable and your original receipt and invoice number are required for warranty service. We suggest you place your invoice in a safe place immediately after you register your sights. If you return you Speed Sights to us be sure to include your original receipt with the sights.

Speed Sights warrants one full replacement against failure of the original tritium lamp

Speed Sights Warrants full replacement against failure of the original tritium lamp for 10 years on most models. This warranty does not cover damages deemed from abnormal, abusive, or improper use or installation. Installation instruction manuals must be followed precisely, tritium (gas) naturally decays over its lifetime therefore we must wait to replace tritium until it is NOT glowing at all. Tritium is regulated by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and sights containing tritium may not be disassembled by anyone other then NRC licensees. There will be a $12.50 Administrative fee for all exchanges and replacements.

Speed Sights warrants defective parts.

The parts that Speed Sights warrants are as follows.

1. Aluminum sight front or back for proper fit and structural integrity

2. Set Screws and Hexagon screws for proper fit and structural integrity

3. Diamond or triangle color substance for structural integrity and cosmetic qualities.

The warranty on the above parts for repair or exchange only is 11 months.

Refund Time Limit

Full refunds will only be issued with in the 2 month trial period for everyone except Military and Law Enforcement which has an extended warranty period with in 6 months. Sights not returned in the 2 month cut off date will be adjusted for administrative processing fees, not to exceed $15.00. If you have purchased your Speed Sights from an authorized dealer, you should return any defective sights to the dealer along with your receipt and let the dealer contact Speed Sights.


Have a question? We’ll do our best to answer it.

Something broke, under normal conditions? We’ll replace it.

We have a lot of confidence in our sights, so if you try them for two months and you just don’t think they work for you, just send ’em back and we’ll refund your money, including the original shipping fee.

For technical assistance:

Frequently Asked Questions

Technical and Installation information

Phone: 360-531-2673

Email: info@speedsights.com


Our 3 diamond “point to point” system offers a razor sharp, instinctive pattern that locks together instantly

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