Installation and use information (Glock model)

Tips for fast and accurate shooting with Speed Sights:

  1. Focus your vision onto the tip of the front sight; “push” it into where you want the bullet to go. Let your peripheral vision lock in the triple Diamond pattern.
  2. Speed Sights provide a much brighter and more precise sight picture to your eye than conventional sights. Look “over” them rather than “at” them.
  3. Like any new sight, you may want to shoot more slowly and deliberately at first, then pick up your speed as your eyes fully lock in on the pattern.
  4. If you want to adjust your fire up or down, move the whole triple Diamond pattern as a unit, rather than just the front sight.

Tips on installation:

If you are not familiar with the installation of firearm sights or do not have the proper tools, we recommend you have them professionally installed by a reputable gunsmith, range or gun store.

OBSERVE ALL FIREARM SAFETY RULES before and during installation.

Your Diamond Speed Sights should install like any other metallic sight but there are a few slight differences that should be noted.

Front sight:

  1. The Front sight Hex screw doesn’t need to be over tightened. Snug them in and they should be fine. Blue Loctite is recommended to insure a secure fit.
  2. Tighten very lightly at first, then check that the Diamond is aligned evenly in the middle of the slide before tightening the Hex screw down more firmly.
  3. Check that the sight seats all the way down onto the top of the slide before tightening the Hex screw.
  4. If the oval mounting boss seems too tight to be seated, it can be polished down using a folded over piece of 320, or finer grit, black sandpaper. (Silicon Carbide type)

Rear sights:

  1. The Rear sight may be tapped in with a 1/4 “ punch that is properly “padded” between it and the sight. A thicker piece of plastic, like a piece of an old credit card or flat wooden stick will work. Position the punch flat against the lower, thicker part of the sight’s dovetail, not the upper portion of the sight.
  2. Lubricate the gun’s dovetail slot lightly with oil or grease before starting the sight into the slot. It will go almost halfway in when started by hand.
  3. The set screw should be backed almost out before pressing in the rear sights. Then tighten after the sight is aligned in the middle of the slide.
  4. The Set screw is there for additional insurance against variance in slide dimensions and is not essential in holding the sights on tightly in most slides.
  5. If the Rear sights seem overly tight, don’t use excessive force; they can be lightly lubricated or polished down a bit with a folded piece of 320, or finer grit, black sandpaper. (Silicon Carbide type)

If you have any technical questions, please contact Advanced Design for more information:


Our 3 diamond “point to point” system offers a razor sharp, instinctive pattern that locks together instantly

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