“Combat proven”

Speed Sights have had the honor of being chosen by any number of active duty military personnel. We couldn’t ask for a better endorsement of their design and function. Below are some comments from Special Forces members who chose to carry Speed Sights.

You can also read detailed reports from others who have had to use their Speed Sights in actual gun fights in these After Action Reports.

Special Forces Group comments

In 2015, a Special Forces group that was deploying to an active war zone asked if it was possible to equip their whole team with Speed Sights. One of their group commented, “I’ve tried all the other sights. These are the best.” Thirteen sets of Speed Sights were sent. When they inquired about payment, we replied, “You have already paid”. In appreciation, the team later sent a plaque that included an American flag that had flown over their base in the war zone.

Dytac Defense, a training group founded and staffed by U.S Special Forces members, use the Speed Sights on their duty weapons. Here are some of their comments. (They did not want their names published and did not include them)

Military Handgun Sights

Highest Speed and Accuracy During Extreme Rapid Fire


“I have used speed sights for several years. They are the best pistol sights I have ever used and would recommend them to anybody in the military/law enforcement/security industry. The contrast in the front and rear sights allow for quick sight acquisition. They have dramatically improved speed and accuracy of all the operators I have trained and worked with. They have held up to several combat deployments in the middle east. Training and operating with any other sights leaves the operator at a disadvantage.”

-Special Forces Weapons and Tactics Expert

“I prefer these sights far above any others. They are not large and obscure the target like some I have seen. Because of the design I have a consistent sight picture and am more accurate on both close and far shots. I have improved my time and accuracy from the draw. I would use it operationally and for home defense.”

-Special Forces Medic

“Speed sights are the chosen and trusted sights for DYTAC DEFENSE Inc. Our staff trains, operates and strongly encourages all other military, law enforcement and security professionals to incorporate Speed Sights to their equipment requirements. They have enhanced our security staff’s ability to effectively and efficiently handle threats in the most hostile environments that our nation faces today. We endorse and highly recommend these sights to all shooters ranging from novice to competition to those facing hostile threats on a regular basis.”

-DYTAC DEFENSE President and Special Forces Weapons and Tactics Expert 

Orange Tritium Glow Why Choose Speed Sights
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Why Choose Speed Sights?

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What you can see, you can correct. Similar to training with a laser, Speed Sights gives your eyes the high precision, intense visual feedback they need to know instantly whether your lined up with the target or not. Speed Sights “trains you brain” more efficiently.

No matter what your current skill level, Speed Sights can bring you closer to really “shooting your best”.


Our 3 diamond “point to point” system offers a razor sharp, instinctive pattern that locks together instantly

high visibility night sights for glock handguns

Speed Sights for Glock


high visibility night sights for walther handguns

Speed Sights for Walther


high visibility night sights for springfield XD handguns

Speed Sights for XD


high visibility night sights for smith & wesson handguns

Speed Sights for S&W


high visibility night sights for sig sauer handguns

Speed Sights for Sig Sauer


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Premium Quality Night Sights

highest visibility night sights
Ordinary sights leave a “dead zone” where only the small tritium dot is visible in decreasing light. The much larger Diamond surface on the Speed Sights can be clearly seen even when it’s dark enough for the tritium to also be fully visible.

Our tritium lamps are freshly installed by Trijicon* corporation, the leading supplier of tritium weapons sights.

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High Visibility Weapon Sights

made and assembled in the USA
Speed Sights patented “No Guess” system gives you what you need to stay on target, even during high stress, rapid fire situations.

Advanced Design and Engineering is an American company created by shooters like you. Our products are inspired by our desire to shoot our best and give the same kind of service we appreciate when we shop for firearm products. Our premium weapons sights are manufactured and assembled in the USA and are backed by a no questions asked warranty.

  • Concealed Carry
  • Competition
  • Law Enforcement
  • Military
  • Self Defence
  • Target Shooters
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Combat Proven

diamonds for the rough
Dave Spaulding, founder of RACS training, a 28 year LE veteran, wrote up the results of his 6 month field test of the Diamond Speed Sights, which he described as:

“They really stand out during that transitional time when it’s too dark to see your sights clearly but it’s too light to really see the tritium, or when going suddenly from a bright environment into a much darker one when the eyes must adjust. These sights…might very well be the future of combative handgun sights”