Dave Spaulding

Dave Spaulding, founder of RACS training, a 28 year LE veteran, wrote up the results of his 6 month field test of the Diamond Speed Sights, which he described as:

“combat proven” and possibly one of the innovations that might be…the future of combative handgun sights”:

Dave Spaulding

SWAT team:

A 12 man team purchased a set of Diamond Tritium night sights. They shot “7-800 rounds” at steel from 15 to 25 yards and then also some at 25 to 30 yards.

They also shot their current duty guns for comparison. Current sights were either factory Glock night sights or “Trijicons”.

Their Lieutenant called us with an initial report; here are some excerpts:

“Every team member who tried them wants to buy them…for fast acquisition stuff the sights were unmatched…we were extremely impressed…everyone loved them…we were easily faster than we normally shoot…nothing that we’ve seen shoots better.”

A U.S. Marshal:

“When I was just half way into my presentation my eyes had already picked up the sight picture and I had two rounds headed downrange. Fastest sights I’ve ever shot.”

Executive Protection Team Leader:

“Let me put it this way….I’ve tried many, many other brands of sights…Meprolights, Trijicons, fiber optics….these are the best I’ve seen yet…I’d fight anyone who tried to take them off my gun”.

Special Agent, NCIS, USSOCOM:

“You probably hear this frequently from other shooters, but your sights ROCK, especially at up ‘close and personal’ distances”

Competition shooter:

“I shoot IDPA matches in 3 states and I have been looking for two years for sights that my eyes could really pick up. I think you have an absolutely wonderful product. Do you have any vests with your logo that I could wear to the National Championships?

In answer to your question concerning improvement with your sights:
1. Stationary shooting drills: 20% improvement
2. Free Style courses (run and gun) 35% improvement
3. These numbers are a direct correspondence over all, within our class they are much more dramatic.
4. Sight acquisition is 50% faster overall….

After Field testing your speed sights for a month, and testing them by fire at the IDPA Nationals, I feel they are the fastest acquiring sights that I have used. What I find the most useful is being able to see between the diamonds. This enables quick sight pictures, and gives me the ability to engage rapidly moving targets quickly. I feel that I would not have been able to place this well without your Speed sights. Having only used them for a month prior to the Nationals speaks volumes about the quality and performance of your sights.”


Our 3 diamond “point to point” system offers a razor sharp, instinctive pattern that locks together instantly

high visibility night sights for glock handguns

Speed Sights for Glock


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Speed Sights for Walther


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