Welcome to our International customers.

To order your Speed Sights, please follow these EXPORT POLICIES and INSTRUCTIONS

There are 3 simple steps:

Please make sure your country is on our shipping list: here

Register with EZ Export: here

Allow up to 12 hours for your EasyExport account to be activated. 

Order your Speed Sights: here


Speed Sights can ship to customers in 81 countries who are first registered with EasyExport®. EZ Export are professional export managers who ensure a safe and secure order. 

Click here to see the list of countries we can ship to.  

Click here to register with EZ Export. There is no charge for registration and EasyExport does not share your information.

You can order as soon as EasyExport notifies you that your account has been activated. Please allow up to 12 hours. 

We can ship only to the same shipping address shown in your EasyExport account.

Depending on the specific model of the pistol and sight you order, it can take 1 to 3 weeks for them to ship.

Once your Speed Sights are shipped, it can take 2 to 4 weeks for them to be delivered, depending on your location.   

Other important information and answers to your questions on International Ordering below: 

Import Permits

Your country may require that you obtain an import permit for certain products we sell.

EasyExport will send you an email if something you buy requires an import permit. EasyExport also will help you with the import permit, if you need help. You can contact EasyExport at

Upon request, EasyExport will prepare import permit applications at no charge for individuals located in New Zealand, Australia, or South Africa.

It is your responsibility to obtain any import permit required by your country. We are not responsible for deliveries that are not completed due to your failure to obtain an import permit or any other authorization required for you to import products into your country.

Duties and Import Taxes

You are responsible for all duties, taxes, import fees and other charges imposed by your country.

If you are located in a country in Country List B, your EasyExport user interface contains information about duties, import taxes and other charges in your country.

APO/FPO Addresses

Shipments to APO/FPO addresses are treated as exports under American regulations. We regret that we are unable to ship to APO/FPO addresses.

End Use Restrictions

Products we export are authorized for end uses only allowed by U.S. law.

Products shipped to individuals and to other purchasers who are not authorized to resell them under the laws of their country may not be transferred or sold without the permission of the U.S. Government. You are not permitted to buy our products for family, friends, or other people. You can purchase these items only for your own use.

Products shipped to dealers and distributors for resale may be resold only to lawful purchasers in the country to which we ship the products and only in accordance with the laws of that country. Products purchased for resale may not be sold to purchasers in any other country or exported to any other country.

Terms and Conditions of International Sale

All international sales are subject to the following terms and conditions:

International Shipping

Available international shipping options vary from country to country. You will see the options for your country when you check out.

We will provide tracking information after your order has shipped if tracking information is available to us. Questions regarding international shipping can be directed to  

Compliance with Firearm and Other Laws in Your Country

You are not permitted to buy products we sell unless you are authorized to own and possess them in your country. It is your responsibility to check the laws and regulations in your country to determine that you are permitted to own and possess the products you buy.

You are not permitted to buy our products for resale in your country unless you are registered with EasyExport as a Business and are authorized under the laws of your country to resell them.

Delivery, Insurance, Risk of Loss

When we ship a package, we will present the package to the carrier, cost of shipment paid and properly addressed, based on the address you have given EasyExport, and with other shipping information and documents in our control properly completed. Clearance of the package through U.S. Customs is our responsibility. You are responsible for all costs in your country and for clearing the package through Customs in your country. We are not responsible for deliveries that cannot be completed for any reason or for delays in delivery after we have presented the package to the carrier. Risk of loss transfers to you when we deliver the package to the carrier.

If actual shipping charges are greater than the amount we have previously charged you, you are responsible for the increased amount.

We do not obtain insurance for shipments.


We do not allow returns of products shipped outside the United States. All international sales are final.

Suspicious or Illegal Activity

We reserve the right to refuse to accept or ship orders for any reason we determine appropriate. Either we or EasyExport will report suspicious or illegal activity to the appropriate legal authorities.

Force Majeure

We are not responsible for delays in shipment or delivery resulting from inability to obtain an export license or other governmental authorization, natural disasters, disease, government orders, acts of war, or extraordinary events beyond our control.

Legal Disputes

All legal disputes will be resolved in the state or federal courts with jurisdiction in the state and county where our headquarters in the United States are located.


Country List A

Entire EasyExport Service Territory – 81 Countries

Albania Denmark Luxembourg Sint Maarten
Antigua and Barbuda Dominica Macedonia Samoa
Argentina Ecuador Malaysia Slovakia
Aruba Estonia Malta Slovenia
Australia Finland Montenegro South Africa
Bahamas France Netherlands South Korea
Barbados Germany New Zealand Spain
Belgium Greece Norway St Kitts and Nevis
Bolivia Grenada Oman Sweden
Bosnia and Herzegovina Hungary Panama Switzerland
Brazil Iceland Paraguay Taiwan
Brunei Indonesia Peru Thailand
Bulgaria Ireland Philippines Timor-Leste
Canada Israel Poland Trinidad and Tobago
Cape Verde Italy Portugal Turkey
Chile Jamaica Qatar United Arab Emirates
Colombia Japan Romania United Kingdom
Costa Rica Kosovo Saint Lucia Uruguay
Croatia Kuwait Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Curacao Latvia Serbia
Czech Republic Lithuania Singapore