How much do you spend on ammunition during a single practice session? How much in a lifetime?

With Speed Sights, you can meet your goals using less practice ammo. With our patented “no guess” point-to-point system, you’ll shoot better right out of the box. Not only that, but you’ll learn faster, too. With old sights, you don’t know if you’re on target until after you pull the trigger. In contrast, the sharp points on Speed Sights allow you to see even small deviations from a perfect sight picture. This allows your brain to connect with your hands. It gives you the opportunity to practice hand-eye coordination before you even pull the trigger. When you do pull the trigger, this precision will make it easier to see errors in trigger technique that you couldn’t normally see. What you can see, you can quickly correct. 

So we can see how ordinary pistol sights WASTE your time AND your money. Sights that suck will hold you back from shooting your best, no matter how hard you practice or how much money you spend. 

Speed Sights BOOST your efforts and give you the power to shoot your best. Do your sights boost your power or hold you back? Do your sights WASTE your money, or save you money?  

With Speed Sights, you can shoot better, faster AND save on time and money.