Speed Sights for Sig Sauer


Sig Sauer Models covered:
NOTE: on P365 models, designate whether your 365 model has a Rear with a standard dovetail OR the Rear type that uses two screws through the slide.

Please note: we do NOT have Speed Sights for any of the P320 series with the Red Dot plate on the rear. 
Fits Sig Sauer models calibrated for 9mm and .357SIG, including P225, P226, P228, P229, P239 and P320 (Excluding P938)

Fits Sig Sauer models calibrated for .40S&W and .45ACP including P220, P229, P240, P245, Pro233, Pro2340, and Pro245.
Fits Sig Sauer models calibrated for .380ACP including the P238, and P938.

To build your Speed Sights for Sig Sauer:
Please select your color and tritium choices using the drop-down menus below. Make sure to include your model and caliber. With this information, we will do the rest and send you the correct height and configuration for your model and caliber.

International Orders: Speed Sights can only be purchased and shipped internationally under the United States ITAR regulations. Please contact us for details and instructions.

Note: If you are choosing only a Front sight or a Rear sight, please select “None” also, in the menu for the item you don’t need. Then the price will display and you can proceed to the cart.

Please enter model number
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Prices for sight sets:
No Tritium 90.76
Front Only Tritium / Plain Rear: 110.70
Front and Rear Tritium 149.50

Prices for individual Front or Rear sights:
No Tritium Front only: 30.46

Tritium Front only: 50.40
No Tritium Rear only: 60.30
Tritium Rear only: 99.00

If you have a question or need a custom configuration, please call us at 360-531-2673 or email us at: info@speedsights.com. Don’t worry, if you miss us, we try to reply within 24 hours during our business week.

Our business hours are:
Monday through Friday, 9-5 PM Pacific Time.

In other U.S. times zones:
Mountain Time: 10-6 PM
Central Time: 11-7 PM
Eastern Time: 12-8 PM

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 1 in
Front Sight Options (required)

Green Day Sights, Orange Day Sights, Pink Day Sights, None, Green with Tritium, Orange with Tritium, Pink with Tritium

Rear Sight Options (required)

None, Day Rear, Tritium